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enjoy the modern and discreet elegance of pinky beach in a laid back atmosphere equipped with luxury interior design. this is the perfect location for spending the day with family and friends, meeting interesting people or just enjoying the beautiful exotic environment. in perfect harmony with the surrounding area which includes the most unique and privileged seaside services every desire is read from the guest´s lips. the professionally trained personnel in corporate designed and handsome looks guarantees for a pleasant and exclusive stay. for special and intimate moments with your nearest and dearest take a moment in our private areas and let yourself be pampered by the friendly and personalized service staff...

secrets of luxury

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spend the day lounging on our luxury sky lounge beds wrapped in fluffy towels. be at ease !!!

just use one of the pinky beach´s specific features: - the service bell attached to every sunbed - special sun bed spa treatments

our private shuttle service escorting the guest safely to  the destination of its choice 
lie down and relax...


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